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As the site is under construction (again *~*) you may check our releases and distributions on discogs: Discogs is taking all our “internet sales” time & available copies so we are not updating our web shop for the time being.

You may check our listings on discogs here:
If you wish to order directly without having to make a discogs account we will gladly reply to your message sent to
& help you with your order or wish list or inquiries... Regarding our distributions plus Sound Effect label and related releases plus some “brother” labels releases we are taking your retail & wholesale orders directly from this site’s ordering system as well as via mail account.

If you own a registered retail business/mail order/net shop with an international VAT number and wish to receive our wholesale price list please send a message to
Please keep in mind that you must own a retail business & order at least 5 copies per title to be able to buy on wholesale terms.

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